Elmine Botha Freelance Photographer Wedding Nyaru Game Lodge Eben and Alicia (3)

Ebenhaezer & Alicia – 15 Jan 2016 Nyaru Game Lodge

Ebenhaezer and Alicia celebrate their South African wedding at Nyaru Game Lodge. The day started with a Giraffe coming to greet us at the car and ended with two warthogs sleeping on the couch while the party were in full swing. The guests were treated with Springbok Carpaccio as a starter and for main crayfish […]

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Wedding Elmine Botha Freelance Photographer Beaufort Wes (1)

Raynuldo & Devona – 19 Dec 2015 Beaufort West

When I meet Raynuldo and Devona for the first time a couple of hours before the wedding, I was stuck by their “inner calmness” – if you know what I mean 🙂 Raynuldo reminded me of my favourite singer Theuns Jordaan – deep, beautiful and calm voice. Devona has eyes that smile with you all […]

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Wedding Elmine Botha Freelance Photographer Oppie Plaas Allister and Robyn (1)

Allister & Robyn – 12 Dec 2015 Oppie Plaas

Rain rain rain! With George’s weather you can never know…it was the middle of December and it was pouring with rain!  What makes it very challenging is when the wedding is at a venue that does not really accommodate inside photos.  Well we had a roof, a wall and a floor and a willing bride […]

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